Solving Multi-Physics Problems

When an innovative aircraft design company wanted to ascertain that their new approach to supersonic design — which may well herald the shape of business travel for decades into the future — would meet the FAA aeroelastic stability requirements, it turned to AERO for its unique nonlinear aeroelastic capabilities.

When a leading tire manufacturer needed to study all four air-related noise generation mechanisms at the tire/road interface — air pumping, air resonant radiation, pipe resonances, and turbulence effects of the air surrounding the spinning tire — it chose AERO for its powerful multi-physics capabilities. When it wanted to determine various film coefficients for its tires, it relied on AERO for high-fidelity conjugate heat transfer analysis. 

And when a small business concern wanted to develop an adaptive distributed control approach for suppressing adverse aeroservoelastic interaction on new and existing aircraft of all types, it relied on AERO’s multi-physics model order reduction capabilities for developing and verifying its resulting control algorithm.

The above are only a few examples of the multi-physics problems that CMSoft's powerful AERO Suite can solve for you.

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