About Us


CMSoft's main objective is to deliver to our customers the most recent advances in  high-fidelity modeling and simulation technologies for multi-physics applications through high-performance software and dedicated consulting services.


Our team is composed of leading experts in computational sciences and engineering trained at the finest research institutions in the world.


Our computational technologies are delivered in various forms of the AERO Suite which comprises a structural/thermal analyzer, AERO-S, a powerful compressible viscous turbulent flow solver, AERO-F, a user-friendly interface, AERO-I, and a general multi-disciplinary coupler, AERO-C. This multi-disciplinary software suite is unique in that its multi-physics capabilities were not introduced into its core architecture as an afterthought. Instead, AERO-F and AERO-S were designed from the ground up to be coupled for high-performance fluid-structure, fluid-thermal, structure-thermal, and fluid-structure-thermal simulations. The AERO Suite is also unique in that it was not retrofitted with acquired parallel processing technology. Instead, it was architected since its inception for massively parallel and other High Performance Computing (HPC) systems. For this reason, AERO  is portable across distributed, shared, and hybrid memory HPC systems equipped with MPI for message passing, and/or OpenMP for threading. It also delivers the best possible numerical and parallel scalabilities on both shared and distributed memory systems.


CMSoft was selected by the US Small Business Administration (SBA) as the 2012 Region IX Prime Contractor of the Year, after evaluation and recognition of its excellence in the following areas:

1. Overall management
2. Delivery performance
3. Technical capabilities
4. Labor relations
5. Cost performance
6. Special achievements
7. Resource utilization
8. Customer interface
9. Financial strength
10. Exceptional results

Partial Client List

CFD Research Corporation
CS Systemes d'Information
Desktop Aeronautics
High Performance Technologies
Huntington Ingalls Industries/NNS
John Hopkins University/APL

Lockheed-Martin Aeronautics
Sterling Dynamics
Systems Technology
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
US Air Force
US Navy


CMSoft is a privately held company founded in 1999 by Dr. Charbel Farhat. It is incorporated  in Colorado with offices in California.

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